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Sparkle Sesh / 5 Things to Try this Summer

1. Bold Braids With temps high and humid these days, it’s more than likely that I don’t want to do my hair (not matter which way I style, frizz is inevitable!). So, braids have become my best friend! I tend to go with the same side braid, but these bohemian inspired braids are definitely worth a … Continue reading Sparkle Sesh / 5 Things to Try this Summer

Tell Me Thursday…

Thursday, January 8th, 2014 I have a bad habit of finding articles, cute ideas, and great advice/tips on the daily, storing them in my “NEED” folder, and then forgetting about them. What’s the point in saving the information if I will never use it? I figured, if it’s vital info to me, then I assume it … Continue reading Tell Me Thursday…